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  • Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Special Education Teacher 

  • Certificate in Sensory Integration 

  • Certificates in Special Education 

  • Experienced teaching in Special Education since 2003

My inspiration to study Aromatherapy began when my younger sister was born and was diagnosed with down syndrome. From that moment, my family and I decided to study and assist children with special needs.
I have been studying and teaching children with special needs until I was introduced to the sensory integration program. I use different natural essential oils to stimulate the sense of smell. It has been highly constructive for most of the children that I have assisted.
Once again, after my sister's long medication journey, I was introduced to Aromatherapy which has remarkably helped my sister's immune system. Hence, I decided to study it more and  dive into nature's magical path to healthy living.  
Thanks to my teaching experience in working with children with special needs, I was able to help them immensely with Aromatherapy.​​
The meaning of Aroma Kunoz
Aroma: Greek origin meaning "sweet odor or sweet herb." 
Kunoz: Treasure in the Arabic language.
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